Solutions For Every Industry

1. Enterprise Collaboration

Regardless if you’re a big company or a small startup, collaboration is most likely your biggest priority. With our KINT app, you never have to worry about any miscommunications or missed deadlines. Our app strives to encourage collaboration within your team.

2. Internal Communication & Collaboration

From project coordination to encouraging conversation and collaboration among team members, KINT ensures that your employees are always on the same page! With KINT’s desktop on website created specially for corporation, you can customize the app to match your team’s requirements.

3. Internal Knowledge Management

Is your team facing problems due to miscommunication and lack of information? Get rid of all these problems with KINT’s desktop on website. Create an internal knowledge hub, wherein all team members can easily access the documents and complete the task effectively!

4. Employee Engagement

To strengthen the productivity within your organization, it’s imperative to encourage employee engagement. With KINT app, you can encourage ‘water-cooler’ talks among your resources and help them to understand each other better to boost the effective communication.

5. Digital Transformation

Does it take too long to find a file? Well, not anymore with KINT! Your employees can easily share files and images with each other by uploading all online documents . It’s time for a complete digital transformation to save time and work efficiently!

6. Government Organisations

KINT app is extremely useful in government organisations as it promotes the collaboration among officials. No matter the size of the team or wherever the teamates are, with the KINT app, everyone can communicate with their teamates within minutes!

7. Military Units

With our A-grade security protocols, KINT app is perfect for military units. Now, regardless of where you are, you can constantly stay in contact with other members in your group and always remain connected!

8. Clubs & Societies

Be it a biking club or a trekking club, no plans will fall through now with KINT app! You can effectively communicate and plan your next meeting and ensure that all members get the memo well in-advance.

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